What To Do Bangkok Introduction

What To Do Bangkok, Thaland

An Overview of Things to Do in Bangkok

In order for a place to be considered awesome there has got to be something that makes it stand out from the rest of the cities of the world.  This is how Bangkok is viewed by those who have traveled to this capital city of Thailand.  Some travelers make Bangkok their first stop when in South East Asia, especially when they are bound for destinations like Australia or New Zealand.  Bangkok has an urgent vibrancy that sets it apart from the rest of the cities in Thailand.  Bangkok is not only Thailand’s biggest city but it also plays a major role in the political side of things in this part of Asia.

Some of the accolades given to Bangkok are that it is similar to a jewel that dazzles your senses.  If you are a wise traveler, to avoid the horrendous traffic of the city the best option is to take a ride on the Bangkok Sky Train (BTS).  As a matter of fact, the Sky Train has made it easier for a tourist to plan his itinerary for the day.  If you are thinking about shopping, then the BTS falls on the route coinciding with the major shopping circuits of Bangkok.

Nothing more will give bargain hunters a thrill than to search for good bargain finds in Bangkok’s MBK Center (known in Thai as Mahboonkrong).  If you are looking for specific items to shop for then start early because there are 2,000 shops inside MBK.  For the fashionably inclined, stopping at Central World can be your best bet.  If you are longing for some classy and pricey items then you can go ahead and shop at Siam Paragon.  It would definitely make you curious to know why Bangkok is proud of Siam Paragon.  This shopping mecca is one of the biggest shopping malls in Asia which opened its doors to the public in 2005.  Still, there are less popular places to shop in Bangkok but if you are spending a week in this part of Thailand then you can go ahead and hunt for more finds.

If you love food, the scents and spiciness of Thailand cuisine and the meals served in Bangkok will definitely capture your fancy.  It will depend on your budget, if you want to save some dollars or splurge on some fine dining.  Once you get past the spiciness of the dishes, your mouth will water with anticipation as you look forward to each new dining experience.  Whether you would like to go for street foods served near the routes of the Sky Train or sample the beef soup dishes with the locals there are so many spectacularly served dishes to taste and eat.

To burn those extra calories while munching on the Thai dishes you can explore and may be try out Muay Thai boxing.  There are tour packages that include a trip to the Ratchadamnoen or Lumpini stadium.  If you want something calm and relaxing then better book a ticket to Bangkok’s National Theater to watch the graceful dances of the Thai dance drama group.  Puppet shows are also popular in Bangkok as well.  If you really want to watch an extravagant show then head towards Siam Niramit where the largest stage show in the world is shown featuring thousands of captivating acts and which includes elephants on stage.

A trip to Bangkok will not be complete without a heavenly massage in one of its most popular spas.  Experience harmony and equilibrium as the masseurs massage your body lovingly.  If you want something traditional then go for that special Thai massage that revitalizes your whole body.  An hour spent with aromatherapy and oil massage can help you recharge your energy.

If you love watching wild things then head towards the world’s largest crocodile farm found in Bangkok.  It is Mr. Utai Yongprapakorn’s (Crocodile King) idea to save the crocodiles by breeding them in captivity.  You can feed chicken to crocodiles and watch them edge towards your direction for their food.  There is even a wrestling match between a crocodile hunter and the crocodiles.  As part of the repertoire, the head of the hunter is placed inside the crocodile’s mouth.  Those who perform in these acts face the danger of having their heads snapped in to but that’s how this show works.  This place also sells leather items made from crocodile hide.

Discover the charming side of Bangkok by appreciating their Venice like tours called Khlong (canals) tours.  Watch the beautiful scenery along the sides of the canal.  The view shows a mixture of colonial mansions with a glimpse of the famous temples found in Bangkok such as the Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha) and the Grand Palace which houses the site where the old Bangkok came into being. This is known as the “inner city” boat ride. You may have the chance to shoot some pictures with your camera as you cruise the scenic canals of Bangkok.

Find being sweep off your feet with the stunning view of the famous landmark in Bangkok known as the Grand Palace.  Within the palace grounds there are impressive buildings to visit.  The Kings of Thailand have stopped making this palace their place of residence but it has continued to be use for special ceremonies and events.  This Bangkok palace has a European inspired design as compared to the temples found near its ground.  Up to this date a strict dress code is impose for visitors.  As these buildings are considered to be sacred for the Thai people, visitors must be properly dressed when visiting them.

Before your journey is over in this mystic place in Thailand, try to visit the Jim Thompson House.  He might be an American but he is the founder of the world famous Thai silk.  First of all, silkworms create this masterpiece with their cocoons.  Brides love to have their wedding gown made out of Thai silk because of its exceptionally unique properties.  The village weavers spun the silk into elegant and timeless pieces worn by women around the globe.  Thanks to Jim Thompson and his entrepreneurial spirit, the world now knows Thai silk.  These mesmerizing glimpses into the life in Bangkok and much more awaits a traveler who dares to step into this mystic yet engaging part of Asia.