Thai Woodcarving

Awesome Thai Woodcarving

When visiting Thailand, one of the things to shop for is woodcarvings made by Thai artisans.  This country has a rich history about this wooden art form.  Traditional tools are used to chisel and bring them to life intricate and awesome pieces.  Thanks to Thailand’s rich forest that covers much of this country because it is the main source of materials used by these artists.  Some pieces are so exquisite that they can be seen adorning the temples and even the palaces in and around Thailand.  Most artists preferred using teak because it can resist insect attacks and can withstand the change of weather.

Teak Wood Carving in ThailandColoring the wood is never an issue because the final art work is gilded and decorated with mosaics of glasses.  Since Thai citizens are predominantly Buddhist the art work exemplifies these.  Most artists draw their inspiration from Buddhism or Hindu folklore.  It is not only figurines and sculptures that benefit from what Thais consider as a higher art form.  Most buildings inside the temples are beautifully carved, most of the carvings are found on doors which is symbolical as far as Thais are concern since it is what separates the inside world from those within.  Doors are said to be protected with angel figures that would look like guardians with their swords.

Much of the wood carvings have changed as far as these doors are concern.  In the 20th century most of the scenes depicted are those of forest creatures and wild animals.  Woodcarvers do not confine their art to bigger pieces.  Some of the things that tourists can shop for are furniture, boxes and other kinds of gifts like wooden elephants which is a very important symbol as far as Thailand is concerned.

As far as Bangkok is concerned, it is worth a to visit Chatuchak Market or Jatujak as it is fondly called by Thais.  It is the weekend market that has about 13,000 stalls that sell some of the best Thai handicrafts to take home after this unforgettable trip to Thailand.  It is in Chatuchak Market where wood lanterns, hand crafted wooden furniture and other wood carvings can be found.  Take note though that when purchasing more than one of the same item the price goes down.  Shipping is offered at this market.  If products are bought it can be packed and ship directly home.  It is indeed a great convenience for visitors in Thailand.  The merchants must have noticed this need when selling their wares to tourists.

Another good place to shop is at Doi Tung Development Project which is a project of Her Royal Highness, Princess Mother Doi Tung.  This place sells coffee, tea and high quality Thai wooden handicrafts.  For those who love wooden bags this is the right place to shop for these.  Suan Lum Night Bazaar offers Thai handicrafts from 4pm till 11pm every night.  There are one of a kind pieces being sold at this bazaar.  It also boasts of a food court and a puppet theater in case shopping becomes too tiring.  Silom Village is another fun place to shop at.  Bargaining is a must when visiting this village.