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The “What To Do Bangkok” Web site was created as a place where we can share some of our information and a few resources on some of the many things there are to do when you visit Bangkok, Thailand.  We will be providing you with as much as we can about getting around Bangkok with tips on how to actually get some where and of course what to do when you get there!  We’ll also supply you with resources to help you maximize your stay in Bangkok.  Whether your stay will be for a few days or a few months, there’s lots to keep you busy.

Articles on Bangkok

Most of the information we will be presenting here is in the form of articles on each of the topics we plan to present here.  Now there are literally thousands of things you can do during your Bangkok visit and we will not be able to present all of them.  Even with the years we have spent all around Thailand, I discovered a couple new sites during my last trip to Bangkok.  The following is just a very small sample of what we are working on to publish here:


The Royal Family

Formar Thai Prime Minister

Food Thai/Other

Cooking Classes

Sites and Attractions

Temples and Shrines

Shopping & Markets

Night Life

Much More…

Each of these will be divided into several individual topics (articles) as there is just so much to cover in each of these.

Bangkok and You

The simple fact that you are here at our site shows that you have an interest in Bangkok and perhaps all of Thailand.  We hope to cover the information that you are looking for, but if you don’t see it (yet), fell free to send us a request of specific help with what ever you are looking for.  On the other side, if YOU have been to Bangkok and have some experiences that you’d like to share with our readers, please get in touch with us and tell what you’d like to share with others.  You can get in touch with us any time by going to the Contact page on the top menu.

Thanks for visiting us and don’t forget to bookmark our site for an easy return as we continue adding articles.  Check out our About Us page for more of our personal information.

Kings of Thailand

Chakri Dynasty

(1782 – Present)

King Rama



The Chakri Dynasty took the title “King of Siam” also known as The King of Thailand.  We have a full set of articles looking at each of the Kings under this dynasty commonly referred to as Rama I through IX.  To get started, why not have a look at Rama I.

Night Time In Bangkok



Articles On Thai Night Life


We have a couple of new article where we are sharing some information on what happens when the sun goes down in Bangkok.  You can read our articles Thai Night Life and Thai Bar Girls here.

Thai Crafts


Teak Wood & Silk From Thailand

We’ve just recently published a couple nice articles talking about some of the finest silk that can be found anywhere and Thailand’s famous teak carvings.  As you may guess, we’re talking about Thai Silk!  You can find and read the entire articles by clicking Thai Silk or Thai Woodcarving.

More Shopping in Bangkok


Shopping for Clothes in Bangkok

In this new article we take a quick look at some of the places to find nice/cheap clothes during your Bangkok visit.  Read the entire article at Clothes in Bangkok.

Food Vendors

Street Vendor, Bangkok, Thailand

Food – Street Vendor Article

We just added a nice article talking about what you can find for food on the streets of Bangkok.  Read the full article at Thai Street Food.

Thai Muay Boxing


Boxing – Thai Style

We’ve recently added this informative article on what is probably the most popular sport in all of Thailand.  Muay Thai Boxing can be both very dangerous and entertaining.  Check out our full article at Muay Thai Boxing.

Jim Thompson

Jim_Thompson_HouseWe’ve recently published an informative article about the house that Jim Thompson built in Bangkok during his 25 years in Thailand.  Read the whole article at Jim Thompson House.

Bangkoks Chinatown


Chinatown in Bangkok

Don’t forget to include a visit to Chinatown when you visit Bangkok, Thailand.  Shopping is almost certainly to be on your “must do” list and Chinatown really needs to be  written next to shopping on that list!  It’s easy to get to and will prove to be a fun experience.  To read our full article on this, just click Bangkok Chinatown.

Thai Cooking Class

Thai Cooking Class

Learn Thai Cooking

How’s this for something to do during your Thailand visit?  So many people talk about how wonderful Thai food is.  Have you ever thought about learning this craft yourself?  Why drive miles and miles to your favorite Thai restaurant only to have to wait for another hour because you forgot to call ahead for a reservation.  Why not simply “cook it yourself” at home?  Read our article on Thai Cooking Classes!

Article Ancient Siam


A Look At Ancient Siam

We’ve published an article taking a look at a cultural park named Ancient Siam.  Here you can take a look into the past as well as present Thailand.  You can explore many of the famous and well known spots around Thailand.  To read the entire article, click on Ancient Siam.

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