Thai Lady Boys


Thailand’s Famous Lady Boys

Gone are the days when entertaining visitors to Thailand would center on clubs that offer woman “companions”.  The demand for self-identity in Thailand is growing and the communities that lady boys or kathoey belong to are growing.  Thailand has become a prominent country that offer these beautiful “women” that has managed to transform them into something that made Thailand famous for.  Thailand has become famous for being a place where sexual alterations and surgeries are common.  It is so easy now to transform a guy into a girl.  This is a dream come true for those who have the heart of a girl but the body of a boy.

In other places of the world these lady boys are known as transgender but in Thailand this term is replaced with kathoey.  It is also a term given to male homosexuals.  If they would be asked, it is somehow an insult to be a male dress up in woman’s clothing.  They would rather be known as transformed goddesses.  Even if lady boys are accepted, even in the countryside, this does not mean that Thai as a Buddhist country will openly tolerate homosexuality.  There are certain restrictions that they have to live with like not being able to marry someone of the same sex.

They cannot officially change their birth sex in official documents like birth certificates or passports even if they can surgically transform their intimate body parts.  In Buddhism, it is believe that this second hand women is a result of a transgression in her past lives in which people should pity them rather than blame them for their sexual transformation.  Following the 2006 Thai Coup D’Etat, kathoeys are hoping that they will be given the chance to change their identities on their passports and other official documents.

For those who are seduced by such beauty they can be found dancing in cabaret.  Kathoey are shown as part of regular entertainment such as movies and other forms of entertainment and as sex workers.  Kathoeys who are sex workers make it a point to learn the English language in order to communicate properly with their customers.  Some who preferred having sex with kathoeys say that they have the hottest sex in Thailand.  Bangkok has been known for its naughty nightlife.  Kathoeys offer sleazier and slightly different sexual experience than those offered by girls.

Since kathoeys are born as men, they know which particular spots of the male bodies respond to such sexual experimentation.  A standard Thai bar girl may refuse oral and anal sex but kathoeys will not.  Many lady boys have their massive sized silicone breasts which some guys consider to be a turn on.  Just like Thai bar girls, freelancer kathoeys charge a lower fee than those picked up from bars.  There are actually prominent places to hunt for them like some of Bangkok’s discotheque or other meeting points which these kathoeys frequent such as Walking Street, Pattaya Beach Road and Soi 6.  It would be better to go to one of these places when planning on dating a kathoey.