Thai Street Food

Street Vendor, Bangkok, Thailand

Thai Food Vendor

For those who are food lovers, Thai is a nice place to satiate this appetite.  One of the cheapest forms of buying and eating food is by the side of the road.  For those who dare to take on this challenge there is simply plenty of opportunity to taste some unusual food delicacies.  Bangkok is noted for its smorgasbord of street food carts that vend anything from duck noodle soup to pork barbecue and of course the notable Thai dessert like coconut custard and ice coffee Thai style.  Food vending is an established business that has been in existence for almost 200 years now in this country.

Since it is a continually thriving business some enterprising individuals have found ways to design and offer simple solutions to utensils and food packaging dilemma of most vendors.  The main goal is to create a solution in order to serve food fast.  Most vendors of soda drinks served them by using plastic bags instead of cups.  Vendors have even take advantage or ordinary clothespin to display their dry squids.  They also use old electric fans to waft the smoke when cooking barbecue.  Thais have been re-using things that they previously own to make selling a breeze.

Traditional packaging like the use of banana leaves is still employed as of this time.  Banana leaves are also known to impart a delicate flavor and aroma to the native delicacies wrapped using it.  Most food vendors would just change the tip or angle of banana leaf packaging to show that wrap within are sweet rice with coconut milk or palm fruit.  Bangkok stands as a host to half of Thailand’s registered street vendors.  These vendors served meals five times a day.  It is not just the tourist that benefits from what they sell.

Be prepared to be served with noodles that are served different ways.  A soup chef can offer different kinds of noodles, vegetables and garnishes.  It is up to the customer to adjust the taste by adding such Asian condiments like soy sauce, fish sauce, ground peanuts, chili, pepper, vinegar or lime.  Peddling on the streets is an opportunity for Thais to be their own boss by running their business.  Vendors like this are categorize on the social ladder as middle class income earners.  They earn way more than clerks who are employed in convenience or retail stores.  However, as with any business owners their business poses a personal challenge.  It becomes successful depending on how they run it.

Just like in Paris although this is an Asian setting, some vendors offer tables and stools set on the side walk while waiting to be served a bowl full of noodles.  The plates are color coded to define which of the diners have ordered ordinary dishes or special ones.  Take note however that most dishes do not have an English translation.  Look at the ingredients and point it out.  The simplest form of selling food is carrying rattan baskets slung in the shoulders carried through the back.  Grilled bananas, corn, sweet potato and barbecued chicken are naturally sold this way.  Still there is so much to taste and so little time.