Thai Night Life


Nightlife Thai Style

One of the things that make Thai nightlife colorful is that there is so much to see and do when the sun goes down.  This country has been blessed with natural and beautiful water resources including its inhabitants both within the waters and outside of it.  Most tourists are drawn towards Thailand because of the good combination of nightlife and wonderful beaches.  Even if Thailand has these things in abundance, still there are places that are some of the best that this country has to offer as far as clean fun and night life is concern.

Bangkok, Asia’s Cool Capital

Bangkok has build up a raunchy reputation but this does not mean that this is only what it can offer.  There are actually nice places to chill out as soon as the sun goes down like spend the night listening to live bands and jazz clubs.  Bangkok has its fair share of trendy bars and great places to dine in.  One danceable tune that says “One Night in Bangkok can make a hard man humble” is a fitting description of what this place is all about.  For those who have the cash to burn why not take a dinner cruise along the Chao Praya River.

Another place to spend the night at is at Rooftop Bars while sipping cool cocktail concoctions.  The view is breathtaking from up there.  It is true that you heard it right because there exists about 15 Rooftop Bars that are included in the most visited bars when in Bangkok.  The highest are Distil and Sky Bar Lebua at State Tower which are both on the 63rd floor of the buildings that they are in.

Want to drink beer until you drop?  Head towards Beer Vault at the Ground Floor of the Sheraton Hotel.  Beer is combined with hearty dishes that will seduce the palate.  It is seldom seen when a friendly bar can also double as a nice place to chill out even for locals.  Bangkok Night Shows can dazzle even those who are not so easily impressed by such shows.  These shows are held in the huge and impressive 2,000 seat Ratchada Theatre.  Guinness World Records has acknowledged it to be the highest stage in the world.  Most acts shown there are usually divided into three: Journey to the past, a journey beyond imagination and of course who can forget the colorful and joyful festivals of Thailand?

Chiang Mai Culture and Wildlife Experience

Seldom can a man get closer to animals than in Chiang Mai.  Take an elephant ride in this place which boasts of elephant camps.  Take an hour’s worth of tour atop this gentle and smart giant.  Tiger Camp is where people are allowed to play with tiger cubs.  Take a breathtaking panoramic view of Chiang Mai by climbing the steep 309 steps to the peak of Doi Suthep.

Chiang Mai is also made famous by its Night Bazaar.  It is what locals and tourist call as their own shopping paradise.  It is located along Chang Khlan road.  It is open from dusk till midnight no matter what the weather is.  The Night Bazaar offers a huge treasure trove of branded designer goods both real and imitation.  Local Thai goods are sold there at very low prices.

Phuket’s Charm

If there is a desire to watch a game of Muay Thai this is the right place to see these matches.  Who can forget the dance tribute made by fighters before their fight?  It is an art form in itself. This martial art sport was once a form of self defense used during war with Burma when weapons are not available during the 15th century.  The boxers used their headbands as a form of talisman against danger and defeat.  It is earned through years of training and dedication to this art.

Swim in the famous beaches along Patong and Kata.  Discover the hidden and unexplored gems of little coves in the north part of Phuket.  In the day time, these beaches are a busy beehive of water activities.  When the sun goes down such famous mega clubs with live shows and prestigious DJs produce the busy and nightlife scene along Bangla Road.

Hua Hin, Thailand’s Tropical Paradise

Sanuk or to have a good time is one of the goals of spending a night in Hua Hin.  Hua Hin is said to have a quieter night life than those seen in Bangkok.  However, this does not mean that there is nothing to do in this tropical paradise.  Discos, bars and restaurants are spread throughout town.

The large resorts here have lobby bars that offer live music.  For those who love to watch their favorite sports while drinking and eating they can do so at wide screen television screens that the various sports bars offer.  For those who love shopping at night, there is the Hua Hin Night Market.  This market opens from 6:30pm onwards.  Seafood selections are abundant at Hua Hin.

Koh Samui Picturesque Beaches

If longing for a fantastic nightlife and spend this on picturesque beaches then head towards Koh Samui.  There is a choice to go with somewhere buzzing with activities or spend a quiet night on idyllic coves.  For those who want to satisfy their gastronomic desires, Koh Samui abounds with gourmet restaurants.  This place is also famous for its Full Moon parties.  About 10,000 to 30,000 people gyrate to music for this well-known party until dawn.  Lamps are lit on tables along the beaches as locals and tourists spend this nice time together.

It’s Reggae time at Soi Reggae.  Crowds are drawn by the live music onstage and the presence of pool tables.  People here are definitely Bob Marley fans.  Europeans are drawn into Swing Bar.  It is a literal beach side affair that combines a rope suspended swing chairs.  It is a night place to dine out while poking your toes on sands of the beach.

Whatever you do during the night, when in Thailand its all up to you.  Each person has personal preferences on what they think are exciting things to do as a tourist.  The important thing to remember is to have a great time while doing it.  There is always a next time to go back to this exotic paradise named Thailand.