Thai Bar Girls


Thai Bar Girls and More

For guys and ladies who like other forms of night time entertainment, finding prostitutes in Bangkok is easy.  Sex tourism thrives successfully in this capital and one of the best known cities of Thailand.  Thai ladies who work this steaming hot scene do attract tourists to Thailand.  There are those who are freelancers that openly ply their trade on the streets of Bangkok.  These are places which can be easily accessed via MRT subway or through BTS Sky Train.  Bangkok clearly understands one of the basic needs of man to satiate his appetite for pretty or attractive girls.

Technically speaking prostitution is illegal and yet this trade continues to flourish since it has ingrained itself in society for a long time that it is tolerated.  Most locals do not frequent Bangkok’s go go bars.  Thai men do visit “soapy massage” parlors that are along Huay Kwang that offer more than just massage service.  There are girls who offer “testicle massage” and body to body soapy massage.  There are actually several kinds of prostitutes.  Those that work in go go bars.  This is closely followed by freelancers which can be the typical hookers that Americans are familiar with back in the U.S.  Of course, those that works inside massage parlors.

How much for a Girl?
Remember, Thailand is known for being good at offering massages but this time there is something “extra” that goes with the service.  Freelancers charge at least 1000 Baht which is actually cheaper than those paid to girls’ working inside the go go bars which comes with bar fine from 300 Baht to 1000 Baht and in addition to this, there is another fee to pay the girl as much as 2000 Baht.  Do not expect to get more for less than what is paid for.  For those who are willing to pay this price, expect a great time ahead.  Thai prostitutes view their trade as business.  Some of them are opportunist if they can get away with it.

Surprisingly, some of these girls come from the poorest farming regions of Thailand, they are not stupid.  Once they begin practicing their “trade” they will try to get as much money for the shortest time possible until they move on to the next customer.  Expect to pay cheaper than what prostitutes charge in most Western countries, but if looking for pretty girls, they don’t come cheap.

Thai girls who work as prostitutes smile back and dress up accordingly.  They do wear tight mini-skirts and revealing clothes.  They can even wear a fierce looking tattoo.  Girls that are in bars who are not prostitutes will not even look towards the direction of foreigners even for a short period of time.  Many Thai ladies who work as freelancers do have a day job like a bank teller or university student.  By night they switch to their “hooker mode”.  Girls like these have varied reasons for switching towards prostitution like owning luxurious and expensive items.  By law most go go bars close at 2am.  It is for this reason that prostitutes will try to find customers before these bars closes down for the night.

Girls who work as nude dancers on table tops do earn at least 1,000 Baht a night or more from tips.  Most of these girls need at least 20,000 Baht a month to live a decent life with their family.  Popular girls even earn as much as 50,000 to 100,000 Baht a month.  This is why it is not easy to let go of this lifestyle.  For girls who have tasted such luxury it is hard to get out of this business.  Most prostitutes are lulled by the sense of never ending financial freedom and do not save for the future.

During the tourist peak season, a girl like this can go with 3 to 4 different men a day.  Bar owners have their set of rules.  Most of them penalize the girls for failing to show up for work.  These girls are expected to work at least 28 nights a month.  However, most girls work for an average of 20 to 25 days a month.  Trying to keep up with such a hectic schedule does take a toll on these girls.

Where to find the girls.
Where to find freelancers when in Bangkok?  Visit Witthayu Road.  These girls offer their services for a short time and in a hotel nearby.  Expect to pay at least 1000 to 1500 Baht which is about $35 to $50.  Another place is at Siam Hotel.  The girls here are pretty but expect to pay a handsome price for their services.

Even if most prostitutes have their boyfriend they still work as hookers.  They will introduce these boyfriends as their “brothers”.  Many of them use methamphetamine as recreational drug.  Some are addicted to gambling.  Most of them have the obligation to support their poverty stricken family.  For girls who support their family they are contented with eating street food and spending only enough money to pay their rent.  Some strange things do happen and a love affair begins to take root in the midst of prostitution.  If in the future, there is a desire to ask the girl to stop working at the bar since she has become girl friend material.  The bar owner must be paid at least 10,000 to 20,000 Baht just to release the girl.

Get to know the girl better.  She might be somebody who will just take advantage of money sent from overseas after the guy goes home.  She might still be entertaining customers as soon as the unlucky guy walks out of Bangkok.  These are negative circumstances, but it is a wake-up call for those who dare to keep a deeper relationship with a bar girl.  One way of testing this is when it is hard to reach the girl and her cell phone is always off.  This could only mean she is with another guy.  Remember that these girls are selling a fantasy for most customers.  Thai prostitutes are lovely but as with other prostitutes from any corner of the world, sadly, most of them are not serious relationship material.