Clothes Shopping in Bangkok


Bargain Shopping For Clothes Thai Style

Bangkok is undeniably a shopper’s haven.  If you’re trying to look for good finds within reasonable or lower prices it is time to go bargain shopping in Bangkok.  Steer away from department stores and retail shops since bargaining and haggling is not applicable in such places.  The amount of money that you will save depends on your bargaining skills as a buyer.  You can get as much as 10 to 40% less from the original tag price of the item that you had in mind.  Since Thailand is the land of smiles, smiling at vendors can help a lot to bring the prices down.  Remember to keep in mind that the first price given is not the final price that you will pay for the clothes that you will buy.

Westerners usually visit Bangkok and search for cheap clothes.  If this is your goal. it is suggested that you don’t bring a lot of clothes since you could be bringing home more after the shopping expedition is through.  While it is true that such exists but if you don’t know Bangkok well you will never find out which specific places are good bargain shopping grounds.  Chatuchak Market has 1,000 stalls that sell all kinds of clothing.  You can find traditional Thai clothes and professional clothing.  Expect to find Thai designer’s clothes along the price range from $5 to $12 per item.  Take note however, that Chatuchak Market is open Friday evenings, and all day of Saturday and Sunday until 6pm.

A rule of thumb when shopping in Bangkok is that items can be bought at least 25 to 50% off of its original price.  Go to a money changer and use local currencies when shopping.  You will not get a good bargain if the vendors see your foreign currency.  You can show them your Baht and say that this is all that you have.  Again, don’t forget to smile sweetly while doing this.  Since different shops offer different prices better canvass the prices by browsing on shops rather than buying an item immediately.

Clothes are cheap at Bobae Market but expect to buy them in bulk or wholesale prices.  You can own a shirt spending only $1.50.  It is also a great place to shop for jeans, blouses and skirts.  You can take the boat from Siam Square.  Another wholesale haven is Baiyoke Markets.  You are expected to buy at least two pieces.  You can expect to pay even for $1 shirt made of high quality materials.  Baiyoke is a good place to shop for plus sized individuals.  You can take a taxi going there and pay just $1.50.

For those using tourist visas, once you enter Thailand you are entitled to a refund of 7% value added tax (VAT) that you must pay on goods purchased at shops.  Look for signs that display VAT refund for tourist to get the application forms.  Before going home to your own country, you must present the VAT refund form, receipts, and your passport information to a customs officer.  Refunds are given through bank draft or credited to your credit card.  Happy shopping!