Ancient Siam Close-Up

A Close Look at Ancient Siam

My trip to Ancient Siam. There are a few ways to get to this very under explored attraction on the outskirts of Bangkok. I found the BTS (Sky Train) was the easiest way to get there. A large number of tourists will be staying in a hotel within walking distance of the BTS System, so this is what I recommend. Take the BTS Sukhumvit Line all the way to the end at the Bearing Station. From there, simply go down to the street level a grab a taxi to Ancient Siam. Most taxi driver will understand where you want to go, but just to be sure – have someone at your hotel write it in Thai for you.

Coming back, it’s the same process and you should be able to get a taxi right from the entrance/exit gate. If not, it’s less that a minute to walk to the main road where there’s always taxi’s passing by.

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